Therapy Round Up

As I have been recovering from my thyroid removal surgery, it was back to all of Sam’s therapy.


In speech, it was all about making choices. Miranda wanted to try using the iPad with yes and no. She couldn’t figure it out well so used a different program on it. Sam sort of got it.

PT was all about walking


Then school came by. She worked on some speech and actually got him to say Bub Bub for bubbles. Then more walking.

In OT, a lot of playing and trying to get him to try in different ways. He struggled with it.




speech, physical and occupational therapy

Despite my thyroid surgery, life is trying to get somewhat back to normal.

Sam had all of his therapies this week already except EI as the school district has this week off.

Speech was a lot of work with feeding



Miranda was pretty happy with his chewing once she did some exercises. He seemed to eat without choking issues and she is working on cup drinking with him.

In PT , it was all about the walking



The boy is on the move. I have more videos I need to share.

He went to OT today and worked with Julia . Paige is off to China so we will be seeing her until January.

I really like her and Sam seemed receptive to her.

Today was a get to know you session.




More walking and 2 years 2 months old

Life has been insanely crazy so I am horribly behind here.


Nothing to new has been happening.

He finally walked again in PT. He won’t walk at home or in OT.

ST wants to schedule a swallow study ( ok I guess this is new). She is concerned about some aspects of his eating and drinking.

And back on October 1st I should have wrote my 26 month letter to Sam.



Wednesday was a pretty productive session for Sam. He really just wanted to be on the move but Paige was able to redirect him so they played in the small gym and read a book too



We talked about how next week is basically our last visit with her until January. We will be trying a different time and person while she is in China.

He ended on a high note almost walking



Last week and the start of this week

Last week was a rough week for Sam with therapy.

He had a nasty cold and with his Keppra dosage going up, he was a hot mess.

Overall sam therapies didn’t go well and we canceled EI.


The start of this week has went well though.

He did a lot of assisted walking in PT


He was very vocal ( in a good way ) with speech and EI.



Neurology and OT


Back to Amplatz today for Sam’s neurology follow up. We hadn’t seen them in a while and there was so thought/ concern he was possibly seizing again so they decided to up his dosage


We are suppose to watch him for a month and the touch base with his nurse. We may revisit doing an EEG as it’s been a long time.

He also had OT with Paige and did quite well playing with different toys and playing with another person (Paige)

I think he could have played the drums the whole time