Wednesday OT and echo/PDA

Wednesday was a busy day of appointments.

The best appointment even though the most difficult was Sam’s follow up cardiologist appointment.

Trying to keep him still for a echo required 4 people.

The good news from the appointment, his PDA is finally closed basically two years later.

I wasn’t able to help out much in OT as Baz was with us and I bounced between the two but he did great according to Paige .


2 year check up


Dear boy,

You are now 2 and here are your stats

Weight 29.3 pounds
Height 32 1/2 inches
Head 21 inches
Bmi 19.5

Your pedi overall happy with how you are doing but is concerned that you maybe on the spectrum so I have it in the works to get on a waiting list to see a developmental pedi.

He is slightly concerned about your bmi but knowing you aren’t walking on your own yet he said to just be mindful of it

We are suppose to follow up in 6 months.


Mondays Therapy

Sam’s been in a better mood so therapy is going better.

In speech , Miranda worked on some language skills and trying to get Sam to sign.

In PT, it was all about walking and telling me we need to push braces more. Mom fail on that lately :(

I had to talk to EI in regards to Baz so I wasn’t around them to much.

He did well and I have a few videos but being in my phone I will have to share those in a different post.




2 steps

I think Sam is slowly getting back to himself.

He giggled and played in OT yesterday. He hasn’t done that In like a month.

He also took 2 STEPS UNASSISTED.

It maybe only 2 steps but it was the most awesome 2 steps I have ever seen.


He also stood for only his it holding his shirt lightly. He is slowly on his way to standing is his own and walking.


ST, PT, and EI

Yesterday was back to Sam’s normal schedule.

In speech therapy, Miranda worked on language rather then feeding. She focused on signing and working on ma for more.

In PT, Sheila focused on trying to figure out if a walker would be better or a push toy to get Sam walking.

There seems to be pros and cons on both of them. So we will see.

She had him walk with both and also some one handed walking.

Nothing really to report from EI





Behind on therapy updates again

Sam hasn’t been himself lately thus therapy has been miserable.

After running through possible ideas if what’s wrong, it turns out the poor little guy is way beyond backed up again. I hate seeing him so miserable.

Here’s a few of his happier moments



He’s starting to get a little back to himself. So hopefully I can get better at updating but I also now get to have a bunch of medical testing and appointments as it’s official I have the PTEN mutation and Cowden’s


Therapy Round Up

So yet again a bit behind updating Sam’s therapy appointments.

This past Monday was a rough one. Sam didn’t sleep much all last weekend so he was a bit mess at Speech Therapy. Miranda struggled to get him to eat, to not scream bloody murder when she tried to get near him, etc.

It was a rough appointment and not much was accomplished.

For PT, we had the surprise of seeing his old PT Sheila. Shannon was there but being she is very pregnant she didn’t think she could bend down and work much with Sam. So working with Sheila was more just her getting to know Sam again.

In OT on Wednesday, he was a bit better. we went earlier then his usual 5pm appointment being I had the day off work.

He actually played a little and worked well with Paige and then he did some walking