5 months

Dear wee one,

Happy new year and happy 5 months since you made your rather sudden appearance to the world.

You are 5 months actual and about 2 months corrected. I need to figure out the exact age.

You are one heck of a cooing machine these days.

You had to deal with your first major illness and it was a doozy for all of us.

Baby I am not going to lie, your momma is going to be on edge all winter after that.

Thankfully you are doing better it seems.

With your sickness you lost some weight but I think it’s back as noted by your bracelets and anklets as your auntie Jena calls them.

You are taking about 5 ounces in a feeding. You are still on all yours meds.

Outside of the appointments for your illness things have quiet.

You do have EI/OT coming up and a ton of speciality appointments in February.

Well it’s time to sign off

Love you



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