Sensory, OT, and Keppra

Today Sam, myself and Baz ventured off to Sam’s occupational therapy appointment with Paige, who focuses more on his sensory issues. I wrote about our evaluation with her a few weeks back. Ideally, she would like to see him weekly but between or schedules and her rather limited and soon to more limited schedule, it’s a more let’s see her when we can and do it as often as possible.

She has no problems seeing him here and there, assessing where he is at and how to incorporate sensory things into daily life for us, ideas to give Shannon the physical therapist and then also to pass along to Early Intervention/Occupational Therapist Marylo

I figured I would bring Sebastian along to see how that would work in case Dan needed to take him to an appointment. Needless to say trying to be a part of Sam’s therapy session and chasing down a 2 year, who is still learning was interesting to say the least.

The appointment went well thought I believe. It was early enough so no one was in the waiting area. Paige closed the door, Sebastian played, Sam chilled out and her and I talked. We talked about the medication and his dosage, the differences we had been seeing since starting it and what Shannon had mentioned.

Then we went to the gym for her to work with Sam. Let’s just sum it up that just starting with giving him sensory input into his legs, she was able to get a response right off the bat. This small thing blew her out of the water being our first appointment with her, when she tried it there was NO response. For her to get to him to push his feet back at her, she needed to have the compression outfit on him and work with him on the swing in motion.

Then she moved to working with him on the yoga ball, he ACTUALLY pushed himself up and held himself up for a few moments.

This totally did not happen at our last appointment. She also did not even put the compression outfit on as she wanted to just see how he was without it.

After the yoga ball, she put him in this chair that spun around. He loved the movement and he tried to get himself up a little when she stopped and was holding his hands. For a brief moment he did some weight bearing his two feet. Paige was very impressed with that.

Then she just worked a lot with him on the mat while he attempted to roll away and play with the yoga ball. She worked on getting him in a 4 point position/basically on his hands and knees. He hated that position and pretty much let all of Burnsville know it but he tolerated it better then he has when Shannon has tried in PT.

About this point, Sebastian was bored with all the toys we had given him and I think he just wanted to check out the other parts of the clinic which is not a good idea being pediatric rehab is in the back. I didn’t think some of the older patients in the front liked this little guy trying to go by.

So I kept him busy with other things while Paige then worked on some deep pressure activities on him.

While she was writing *homework* notes for us, Sebastian was enjoying the swing and Sam was eating, her and I talked about how much of a difference she has seen since our first visit. She actually had to write new notes because her previous notes were based off what she assessed from our first visit.

She said that if this was her first appointment with him, she would have never thought he had sensory issues and just had the low tone. She said that he is like a different kid since last seeing her. We agreed that we don’t know if it’s just the Keppra helping or if it’s a combination of everything or things are just clicking now for him. She said that there is a chance that maybe the Keppra is helping open up some pathways. Shannon pretty much said that last time at PT.

I don’t know what it is but I do think the medication is playing a bit of a part in it. I just think that he has just taken off since starting it in PT and OT, also the neurologist said that it could help when I talked to him about the EEG.

So we have appointment next week. We will see if we can hopefully keep it.

Till then though our homework/ideas/goals (whatever you want to call them) are:

Sensory Ideas
Goal-response (push) with arms & legs after input

-compression toward center of body
-ribs and hips
-shoulder into ribs

She said to watch his alignment so that makes me a little nervous. I only got to practice once due to this was later in the appointment and Sebastian wanted to no part of being around us, he was all about exploring the building.

–deep pressure-lotion rubs, baby massage

follow with weight bearing-arms, legs, knees, elbow, etc

Play Positions
–Sit (side or ring sit), play with toy to the side, try putting the toy up on a couch cushion
–Support 4 pt (hands & knees)
–working in transitioning positions

Things we need to avoid

–Back arching-bring him forward instead
–pulling one arm back, bring both arms forward with reaching

(This part probably makes little sense but it was the notes from Paige)

She also taped him with Kinesiology Tape on his stomach and his shoulders. She wants to try that in addition to compression outfit and hip helpers. With the low tone and hyposensitivity, she feels all of that would give him in sensory input that his body needs to fire on all cylinders.

So I think all in all a good appointment and am a proud momma really being he is starting to take off in his therapies. Being he has been in PT since April and Early Intervention/Occupational Therapy with the school since January and now this sensory OT, I think he is finally getting the help he needs to get everything connecting.

I am so proud of him.





3 thoughts on “Sensory, OT, and Keppra

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  2. I love to read of Sam’s progress. I have to say, ,sensory training feels a little foreign…or less defined…for me than the other therapies. But it’s made a huge difference in Owen and we’re actually considering it for Kellen because sometimes the later term preemies have things that aren’t always as noticed until they are a little older. I’m glad sensory work is helping you and have to say it’s done so much for us too.

    • Thank you. I will admit I have been feeling a bit out of sorts writing lately. I am not sure why though…

      I would agree. When he is at PT, it seems very defined of we are doing this for this reason. When we got see Paige (even though it’s only been a few times and she is great) I get a little lost with it. Something seems like ok she’s doing that in PT, why are we here again?

      I was just talking to Sebastian’s birth to 3 teacher who is working on his speech therapy about sensory issues. There are a few things with Sebastian that has me wondering and she thinks it could be sensory as well so she was going to talk to a therapist at the school about it.

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