Spio compared to Theratogs


Yesterday we went back to Ridges for physical therapy. Gloomy cold Monday morning for sure.

When Sam and I met up with Sheila,she said she wanted to try theratogs outfit first then compared it with the spio.

Sam was fussy from the moment she put it on to the moment she took it off.

He was just like jelly all over and didn’t do much when she asked.

Sheila thinks he’s uncomfortable in it and he doesn’t get the compression he needs in his truck area.

So we moved to the spio. (http://instagram.com/p/fqXOJ1H_mY/)

He was fussy at first but then was back to his usual self when wearing it.

He really did a lot of work on the yoga ball with it. She did a lot of weight bearing exercises and I took son pictures to use as a guide for at home.







Sheik said after watching in the spio, that’s the better outfit. Next week she wants to see him in the spio and hip helpers. She said the theratogs don’t do anything for him and that would be sent back.

So I asked about ordering a spio. She said she wants to work with him again wearing it and also to build up time wearing it before we order one. I guess in the end, he said be able to wear it pretty much all day under his clothes. I had no idea they wanted him and thinks he needs to wear it that long.

After working on the yoga ball, she worked with him on the bolster.

Then she gave me some print outs to use as guides at home.


Then it was time to head home and eventually EI/OT would be there.

Marylou brought a yoga ball we could use at home and she did a lot of work with him on it.


But playing paddy cake came first as he needed a bottle when they got here and she didn’t want to bounce him to much.


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