New Schedule Monday

Today was the start of Sam’s new therapy schedule.

He had his usual PT with Sam at 8am. He did surprisingly well for waking up at 4:30 and getting a short cat nap in the car(so 10 min).

We started off right away with his spio suit on. Normally, we put it on later to give his stomach a break but being he ate so early I figured it was ok. It was till we were done and then he spit up on himself and the mat. I am debating calling the doctor again about his stomach issues.

Shannon worked mostly on kneeling, sitting to stand, and some cruising then work with the gait trainer. Next week, she wants try the treadmill.

He really worked hard and cruised a few steps and did a loop around the clinic in the trainer.

and there is something about this song that keeps him calm and motivates during therapy



When working in standing with him at home, we need to work on keeping his feet together better and I need to order some hip helpers.

After PT, we met Miranda his new speech therapist. She is going to work more with his oral motor issues rather then the oral aversion issue Melissa was working with.

She explained the next few sessions she will be performing an oral motor assessment.


I didn’t bring anything and no one to me too so she grabbed a few things to work with but they didn’t have hummus 😦

She used this new spoon, very flat spoon to use so she could get food into his cheeks which is something he really does not like. She taught me how to get it into his mouth and “paint” his cheeks with the food so he is forced to learn motor plans.

She did some gum and cheek massages to wake up his mouth. His cheeks are pretty tight and there are some tone issues too. She feels there is more low tone is his right side as he was crazy fussy when food was placed there. She checked out his lip muscles too. He has decent muscle tone in his top lip but low tone in his lower lip.

I also learned he has a fairly pronounced underbit when she checked his jaw alignment.

He was a hot mess by the end of it but Miranda thought it was a productive meeting.

She sent us home with a special spoon to use. She is ordering these flat spoons. Till then we need to use:


Early intervention isn’t coming out today which is kind of a good thing. Poor dude is still passed out sleeping.


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