Well, it’s Sunday and I never got around to writing about Sam’s OT visit on Wednesday. It was nice just having OT rather then the past few Wednesdays where it was speech/feeding therapy and then OT.

I don’t know if he’s hitting that age where he always wants Mom around but Sam was happy and playing in the waiting room, then Paige came in and he freaked out.

Thankfully, she had some toys out and I told her how much he liked the bowling pins Shannon used. So she pulled those out to play with while I updated her on things. She asked about the genetics testing and if we figured anything else out. I told her no and I guess she did some googling of Cowden’s and she didn’t think it from what she could make it, there isn’t anything she would do differently in OT.

Most of the visit was working on trying a different motor pattern with play. All he really does at the moment is swipe toys away so we are working on getting him to use two hands to play, grab things, bang them together, etc.

She also worked on some standing while playing. He cruised like two steps so that was pretty neat.

She wants to see how he plays while wearing the spio suit next week.

Not much else happened during the visit but it was a pretty good visit as he worked really hard.


It is going to be a busy week this week.

Monday is PT, Speech, and early intervention.
Tuesday we met with a dietitian for Sam
Wednesday is OT


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